Worship with us

 Abbreviations  AAB    all age baptism   AAW   all age worship   B   baptism    S  holy communion RLA  requested local arrangement   LA  local arrangement  WO Women's Anniversary  NS No service CUS united circuit service CA chapel anniversary     HF  Harvest Thanksgiving  R  Remembrance Sunday

10.30 am6.00 pm
  3 March Rev Ray Anglesea (S)Rosemary Hall
 10 Judith Humble and friends Rev Bruce Sawyer
  Rev Chris Humble (S) Ann Bower
 24   Dorothy Emerson  Rev Chris Humble (S)
 31  Rev Robert Fisher  Rev Janet Titterton
  7 April  Rev Chris Humble (S)  Rosemary Hall
 14   Rev Janet Titterton   Joan Guy
Easter Day
  Rev Ray Anglesea (S)
   Rev Chris Humble (S)
 28  Matthew Hilton   Richard Morris
 5 May
  LA   David Glass
 12  Rev Ray Anglesea (S)   4pm CTiC   Rev Ray Anglesea
 19   Mary Tribe  Rev Janet Titterton
  Easter Offering service
  26  Richard Morris  LA