Worship with us

 Abbreviations  AAB    all age baptism   AAW   all age worship   B   baptism    S  holy communion RLA  requested local arrangement   LA  local arrangement  WO Women's Anniversary  NS No service CUS united circuit service CA chapel anniversary     HF  Harvest Thanksgiving  R  Remembrance Sunday

10.30 am6.00 pm
Sept 23         Rev Chris Humble (B) Rev Bruce Sawyer
             30Judith Humble and friendsRev Chris Humble (s} 
      October 7 Rev Ray Anglesea (S) LA
 14Rev Ray Anglesea Ann Bower 
 21Rev Richard Andrew 4pm  CTiC  at St Catherine's
 28 LARev Chris Humble (s}  
 Nov 4 Rev Chris Humble (s} Rev Janet Titterton 
(Rem)             9.45am Rev Chris Humble
at St Catherine's 
(Rem)                     Rev Chris Humble 
 18 Rev Ray AngleseaWendy Darby 
 25 Richard Morris Rev Chris Humble (s}